Guild Artists

Are you looking for an artist to create something for you? Artists in the Guild work in lots of different media and many work on commission, as well as selling their work in various galleries and exhibits. To contact one of the artists below, click the contact link next to their name.

































Sheryl Alba - watercolor. Contact the artist. 

David Karl Baal Contact the artist.

Aquila Beevers - oil pastels, oil paint, chalk pastels, multi media . Contact the artist.

Pat Birone Contact the artist.

Marsha Boasso -  Weaving, Quilting, Mixed Media, Fiber Arts. Contact the artist. Online gallery.

Pax Bobrow - Oil or acrylic. Clay and glaze. Contact the artist.

Angelika Selman-Bondar- ceramics, photography, watercolor, pastel portraits,assemblage collage, jewelry, pen & ink, natural baskets. Online gallery.  Contact the artist.

Susanna Bondar - oil painting,watercolor,perismacolor & ink. Contact the artist

Antonela Boyles - watercolor and acrylic . Contact the artist

Tracey Busbee - Acrylic, mixed, oil. Contact the artist.

Judith Butterfield -glass on glass mosaics. Contact the artist.

Wenqing Cao - oil, acrylic, watercolor, Chinese water color, crayon, pencil. Website. Contact the artist. Online gallery

Frank Carstarphen - watercolor and oil . Contact the artist.

Patricia Childs - musician and wire jewelry artist - Contact the artist.

Shawn Coleman - Photography. Facebook.  Contact the artist.

Brenda Cooter - Animals scenery, Impressionist . Contact the artist.

Calla Corder - Watercolor and pencil - Contact the artist.

Beth Droppleman - acrylics .  Contact the artist.

Anna Del Rosario - Digital and traditional drawings. Website. Contact the artist.

Cyndy Epps - acrylic, oil, charcoal, murals. Contact the artist. Online gallery

Gayla Espiritu - Water mixable oil and acrylic. Contact the artist.

Sharon Fausnight - oil painting. Contact the artist. Online gallery

Darlene Fort - Pottery. Contact the artist. 

Mary Gainer Contact the artist.

Paige Gavalas - Acrylic, watercolor . Contact the artist.

Sharon Brewster Given  - bronze sculpture. Contact the artist.

Susan Glazner - Acrylic, watercolor, pencil, pen and ink. Contact the artist. Online gallery

David Godbee - Oil on canvas. Contact the artist.

Jean Gordon - mixed media, acrylic. Website.  Contact the artist.

Nico Gozal - Silk, Fabric dyes, Paper, Multi Media. Website.  Contact the artist.

Stormy Grygo - oil, acrylic, charcoal, pastel, pen & ink, photography, pottery, watercolor. Online gallery. Contact the artist.

Jessica Hahn Contact the artist

Tam Harmon - photography & writing. Online gallery.  Contact the artist

Jan Jackson - oil, watercolor. Website.  Contact the artist

Sharon James - Glassblower, Art Glass Mosaics, Fused Glass. Website.  Contact the artist

Alva Jones - photography, oil, pastel, acrylics, pottery. Contact the artist. Online gallery

Miriam Katz - oil, pastel. Contact the artist

Mary Kruckow - color pencil. Contact the artist

Joyce Kulig - oil & acrylic.  Contact the artist.

Herman Kunis - silver/copper jewelry; metal/stone sculpture. Online gallery.  Contact the artist.

Linda Lavigne - watercolor, oil, acrylic. Contact the artist.  Online gallery.

Patricia McDonald Contact the artist.  

Victoria Milheim - clay. Contact the artist.

Christina Miller - acrylic abstract. Contact the artist.

Heather Miller - Fiber Arts Contact the artist.

Scotty Nead - photography, photo painting.  Contact the artist.  Online gallery

Timothy Nelken - Wire sculpture of Dragonflies.Contact the artist.

Carolyn Odell - oil. Contact the artist.

Tina Pham - Digital, watercolor, and gouache Contact the artist.

Sue Porterfield – oil painting. Contact the artist. Online gallery.

Christina Rice - charcoal, graphite, pastel. Contact the artist. Website. FacebookOnline gallery.

Cornelia Rogers Contact the artist

Nicole Sanger Contact the artist

Dianne Sharp - paint, jewelry Contact the artist.  

Linda Sigg - Contact the artist.

Doris Gunn Smith - Contact the artist.

Greg Solden - Marker and Colored Pencil . Contact the artist.

Sarah St. Adams - Drawing, photography and painting. Contact the artist. Website.

Jodi Sutton - watercolor. Contact the artist.

Sandra Swearingen - acrylic, watercolor, jewelry. Contact the artist.

Glenda Tahan - acrylic, watercolor. Contact the artist.

jason tudor - paint, drawing,digital Contact the artist. 

Sandee Tussey Contact the artist.

Margaret Wesley - multi-media. Contact the artist.

Eric Wessling - Photography. Contact the artist.

Pat Wilczek - watercolor. Contact the artist. Online gallery

Kristina Williams - Acrylic, Oil, Wax, Wood.  Contact the artist.

Keith Wilson - photography. Online gallery.  Contact the artist.



2019 Meetings

The Guild meets monthly, alternating second Tuesdays & Saturdays at the Evans Library.

Saturday January 12 – 10:30
Tuesday February 12 – 7pm
Saturday March 9 – 10:30
Tuesday April 9 – 7pm
Saturday May 11 - 1030
Tuesday, June, 11 – 6:30pm
Saturday, July, 13 – 10:30am 
Tuesday, August, 13 – 6:30pm
Saturday, September, 14 - 1030am
Tuesday, October, 8 – 6:30pm
Saturday, November, 9 – 1030am

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