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"Compulsive Obsessive Disorder At It's Finest"
by Tam Harmon

Anita Cunningham is a local artist who cares about what her art means to the viewer. She captivates the intense personality of a musician by emphasizing the details of the fingers placed on the frets of the guitar. His powerful gaze in her black and white painting reminds her of her beloved grandson. She is a compassionate artist who is very close to her family and derives many of her creative images from her family. Anita admits that she has Compulsive Obsessive Disorder, (COD), and utilizes her talent for detailing her paintings and drawings through COD. Her family challenged her to try painting cotton, which used to be the main staple of the South. Knowing that cotton is not a definite shape and it is difficult to paint especially if one is used to painting details, Anita took on the challenge. She painted a beautiful picture of white fluffy cotton with light blue and soft yellow strokes dividing the background of the picture.

Born in Oklahoma, Anita Cunningham has lived in different parts of the country, including Oregon and now in Evans, Georgia. Despite her different habitats, something has always remained the same; Anita's tremendous artistic talent and her innate ability to teach is brought with her wherever she goes. She attributes her talents to her wonderful grandfather. Anita never forgot the times when she was poor and she would sit next to her grandfather while he whittled his pencils so she could draw a picture. She fondly remembers his wonderful smile and his adoring words, "Your picture is so beautiful!" Anita can still hear her grandfather's words of support and love. Because of her grandfather's encouragement, she continues to develop her artistic talents and she even enjoys teaching Art classes. While she currently teaches Watercolors at the Columbia County Artist's Guild, Anita used to teach mentally challenged children how to paint. Like always, Anita found a way to reach her student in a successful and enjoyable way.

Anita majored in Art at Oklahoma University after she graduated from High School. She has been a member of the Columbia County Artist's Guild for four years and she enjoys knowing the artists
who are also members. Although Anita has been an artist all her life, she has sold her paintings during most of her adult life to private collections and small galleries around the country. Some of her paintings include the ones mentioned above and ones of Marilyn Monroe and Lauren Bacall as well as her current painting of Golf Players. Anita's personal website is anitacunningham.com. When Anita was asked what she likes most about Art, she replied,

"My art brings fulfillment to my life. If others enjoy my work, that inspires and motivates me to continue creating."