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I can talk about 40 years of experience as an engineer, but I'm only just learning about art.
I have had a few classes in lapidary arts and as a silversmith.
I enjoy silver construction and wire jewelry using silver and gold filled wire.
I'm teaching myself drawing and watercolor.
I thought I would try learning to do watercolor portraiture.
I'm not even close to being ready to show any of that work.
I started making mobiles in the late 90's for the fun of it.
Alexander Calder went to the same engineering school I graduated from, Stevens Institute of Technology.
I used to pass a large mobile of his in the Stevens Library on the way to study.
I will be teaching several jewelry making classes for the Guild and plan to take one or two in Watercolor.
It's good to be around Right Brain thinkers after so many years with left brain engineers.