Linda Lavigne

Linda Lavigne is a native of Thibodaux, Louisiana. Since 1993, she calls Evans, Georgia home. After moving over a dozen times with her Army husband, John, and raising three children, she decided it was time to pursue her artistic interests in new directions.

Watercolor was her first love but for the last 3 years Linda has really enjoyed painting in oil. Linda is a naturalist/realist artist who continues to study, paint, exhibit, and sell her artwork. During the last 15 years, Linda has been a volunteer art teacher for the seniors of Richmond County. She continues to learn as she enjoys teaching. Her students have won awards and have had local shows throughout the Augusta area. Linda’s vibrant colored paintings can be found in shows and stores in Richmond and Columbia County.

Artist Statement

As a mother and retired career women, I can now take the time to express myself through my realistic art. I am inspired to create images that celebrate the natural beauty all around me. For the past 20 years, I have called Augusta, Georgia home. Living in the midst of the natural bounty of the south offers me daily inspiration. Painting has enriched my life at every level.

Through my volunteering as an art teacher I have the optimistic belief that I can change the way people look at art and the world.

I am most inspired by flowers and use watercolor and oil to capture their beauty. I know a nature or still life painting is complete and has life when I have captured the light, shadow, and refection in my work. I have an enthusiastic desire to express myself through art.

I hope my paintings bring you Joy!

Linda Lavigne

2021 Meetings

DUE TO COVID, MEETINGS WILL BE HELD VIRTUALLY ON ZOOM.  Members will be sent a Zoom link for the next meeting.

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