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Scotty Nead

I am a retired Episcopal Priest living in Evans, GA.  In High School I became interested in photography and was the candid photographer for our yearbook. The whole school started calling me “Flash” because flash while taking pictures of people and their activities.  While in college I saw the movie “Blow Up” about a fashion photographer and decided that’s what I wanted to do with my talent.  I attended Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City to learn about the business.  However, God had other plans for me and now you know the rest of the story. I remained interested in photography and in retirement I have continued my education and practice of this art form.

Yes, photography, like painting and watercolor, is a form art that makes it possible to tell stories with images.  In the digital age, we are all telling our stories daily using our cell phones and posting on social media.  I moved from film to digital imaging in the mid-2000’s. At first I found this a bit challenging, but with time, I have become very comfortable with both hardware and software using Nikon and Sony cameras and lenses.  My preferred software is Adobe “Lightroom” and Photomatix Pro for High Dynamic Range (HDR) editing.

My style, in image presentation, is something I call “PHOTO PAINTING.”  My images are edited and rendered with either vivid colors or in stark black and white that look like they might have been painted.  My subject matter consists of: Bits-and-Pieces (of things), Critters (animals), People, Plants, Scenery and Water scenes. These images are then printed on Metal with invisible frames on the back for hanging.  Each image can be printed in different sizes and prices are fixed by the size of the metal print and not the subject of the image.

(I am available for doing my style of photography of a subject matter of one’s choice for a set fee for the finished product and necessary expenses.)

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